A Guide for Clickbank Affiliates!

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Many choose Clickbank for their affiliate marketing efforts. Do you know Clickbank enjoys about 3,000 or more digital sales every single day and boasts more than six million users who develop and sell digital products in here? But, the best part – you don’t need to necessarily create a product to be part of Clickbank! Yes, you can either list your product or promote products listed by others and earn commission. And the commissions are between 5 – 75%.

So, how do you promote products on Clickbank?

A good idea to have a website and promote affiliate offers for Clickbank products. You could promote the offers with good content. I prefer using Wordpress because it is easy to setup, run and also, gets listed in search engine results better. Articles are the best way to grab more traffic and attention, so come up with interesting and winning content to promote products.

Now that you know you need a site and good content, what’s all that without traffic? Online traffic is what makes you money – the more the visitors, the more possibility for conversions or sales. For getting targeted visitors, you need to identify the right keywords to create content around them to drive traffic. Many recommend long tail keywords, which are search phrases and garner more targeted hits and guarantee better conversion.

The key is to keep the site updated, free from errors and up and running always. Tracking the progress, number of visitors, responding to comments and what not, is all very important. Many offer free videos, tutorials, or documents for regular visitors. Most of us love freebies – as long as they’re useful and relevant, your visitors are going to stay loyal. Give them what you like and they like, it is a win-win situation! There’s nothing wrong in trial and error – no one gets it right the first time.

The best part about being a Clickbank affiliate is that, you don’t need anything. Anything and everything you ever need as an affiliate, Clickbank offers – account, affiliate id, etc. You don’t even need a website if you don’t want to, since there are ways to work around it.

This is how the entire process works:

You create an account in Clickbank and you get a nickname, which will also be your affiliate id. This is needed for tracking your earnings. The account creation is free. Choose one that you wouldn’t mind flaunting, as it reflects you.

Now, search the marketplace for products and pick the ones you want to prmote. You could pick them based on type, product or keyword.

Now, use the create hoplink option to go to your affiliate link back. Here, you will see the products or vendors you have chosen to promote and the commission you can get.

Now, enter your nickname in the “Clickbank Nickname” field and wait for the link to appear. This is the link you will be using to promote the product(s) you just chose.

Once someone tries to buy the product, Clickbank handles the rest and your commission is automatically sent to you, every two weeks. You can either get it as a check or bank deposit.

Ready to get started?

Steps for Success

To be successful with Affiliate Marketing, here are few key steps to follow. The best part – it is affordable and works effectively. It is a good idea to follow the order for best results, instead of skipping a few steps for quick results and getting none or falling short.

Picking your Niche: This is a very important step that should be done with care and caution. Never rush this, as it is your base and will decide if or not you will succeed! Pick your passion and expertise, for best results. More on this in our future posts!

Developing Your Online Real Estate/Website: Now, the second step is building your online property – your website. You should get this right for drawing traffic and getting conversions. This again, we will go over more in detail in our future posts.

Promote: Now that your site is ready, it is time to promote and garner traffic. Do you know how to get in traffic? No worries, we will be explaining more about this later.

Now is the time to pick your products. Niche is different from products, which you would have known by now. You could pick one or more products and promote them, though make sure you go through every other step with adequate time for each.

Last but not the least – promote your products!

Dos and Don'ts of Affiliate Marketing

When you are starting off, it could be confusing or there could be an information overload with you trying out or hearing different stuff. So, let’s simmer through a few basic dos and don’ts. Shall we?


  • Pick products that are good and what you would personally choose to buy. You can market what you believe and know better, than something you aren’t sure about. Isn’t it? You don’t have to buy, though owning it will help you market it better.

  • Most firms offer tutorials and ideas to help their affiliates fare better. They even give suggestions on keywords and some firms also offer a relationship manager who can be of assistance.

  • Always make sure your hoplinks are working.

  • Try new techniques and always assess if they work, before investing your time on them full-fledged.

  • Be willing to make changes and amends as necessary.

Now let’s look at a few Don'ts

  • Never resort to spamming for promotions.

  • Never resort to advertising campaigns with a negative stint – Is this “Product” a Hoax?

  • Never promise gifts or special offers for your visitors if they go through your hoplink, because Clickbank doesn’t like it! Play by their rules.

  • Don’t expect quick money. You will do better putting in your time and energy for lasting results, than quick results that vanish and earn you negative hit with Google!

  • Don’t resort to black or grey hat marketing methods.

I hope this quick guide gives you a glimpse of what Clickbank Marketing is all about and help you get started, or decide if it is right for you. Stay tuned for detailed posts on each step, to guide you through to your Clickbank Success!

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